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My name is Michaël, I'm a french "sound artist".
I mostly do sound and music for video, multimedia and film.
Here's some tracks of my music.

The Switch

I did music and post for a TV series for Fashion One :
The Switch

Producer : Fashion One and Drunken Dragon
Written by Emmanuel Sapolsky and Xin Wang
Directed by Emmanuel Sapolsky

Mona Lisa Cowboy

I worked on a web series produced by Farthest Films :
Mona Lisa Cowboy

Producer : Sian Evans
Written and directed by Ogata Atsushi
With Ogata Atsushi and Xin Wang

Une cage, deux oiseaux

I've been working on an independent feature film :
Une cage, deux oiseaux (One cage, two birds)

Producer : Mustafa Ozgun
Written and directed by Mustafa Ozgun
With Eléonore Boccara

Has been

I worked on a web series by Pascal Jaubert :
Has Been (the web series)

Writer, Producer and Director : Pascal Jaubert
With Pascal Jaubert, Alexandre Szuren, Deborah Levi, Anne Mano

La fille au fond du verre à saké

I composed music for the mini series produced by la Parisienne d'image for CANAL+ :
La fille au fond du verre à saké (That girl in the sake cup)

Producer : Gilles Galud
Director : Emmanuel Sapolsky
with Stéphan Guérin-Thillié and Xin Wang, feat. Anthony Kavanagh

Je suis réversible

Here's a short movie for which I composed the music.
Je suis réversible (I'm reversible)

with Kelly Santos, Sebastien Bonnabel

Director : Raphaël Hattab

The Eye Of Silence 沉默的眼睛

I worked on a feature film, produced by drunken dragon :
The eye of silence

Xin Wang, Li Ze Ping, Josephine Yu, Zheng Yu Guang, Lu Ke Jing

Written by
Xin Wang & Emmanuel Sapolsky

Ex-Model 曾经想火

I worked on a digital series, produced by drunken dragon :

Producer : Xin Wang
Director : Emmanuel Sapolsky
With Xin Wang

Portraits d'un nouveau monde

I worked on a documentary web series, produced by Narrative and France5.fr :
Portraits of a new world

Producers : Cecile Cros and Laurence Bagot


Here is an exemple of corporate production on which I made the music and the sound design.

Director, CG artist : Raphaël Hattab
Producer : Margaux Perruchot - Bambino Films


Here is a web commercial in which I even make an appearance.

Director, CG artist : Raphaël Hattab
Producer : Margaux Perruchot - Bambino Films


Music have been a very important part of my life since I was a teenager.
I took classical guitar classes, but also learned electric guitar, piano, bass, drums and saxophone as an autodidact.
I played rock, pop, blues, funk, jazz, big band and many other styles, although I'm very polyvalent.
I always liked computers too, so I have been a prime user of digital audio workstations and virtual instruments.

Sound engineering

Since the first time I tried to plug a microphone into an amplifier, I'm very passionate about gear and sound techniques.
I was already very familiar with the basics when I took my audio engineer classes.
I had some experiences on stage and in studio. Later I learned how to be a boom operator and a production sound engineer ; most on my jobs are for video and film now.
Music is my passion,
but I can't live without cinema

Sound design

Tweaking sound in a creative process was a very important aspect of my classes in college.
At that period, I learned how to use synthesizers, samplers, audio edition softwares and digital audio workstations.
When I started to work for video, all this knowledge became very useful.

Audio post-production

At one point, I have been asked to deliver finale mixes for videos and eventually for short films and documentaries.
I was not an Avid Pro Tools user back then, nor familiar with the proper workflow of audio post especially in surround.
I had to fill that gap by asking questions to pro friends and watching lessons on the internet.
Then I had the chance to work with a great chief sound department supervisor, who gave me the opportunity to become very efficient in sound editing.
Today, I edit and mix all the small projects I get involved with, and I've been part of the sound department of bigger projects too.

Film scoring

I wrote music in a variety of styles. Since I set my first home studio up, I made hundreds of music mockups.
I also arranged other's music and I still work with my first music school for which I make music arrangements and music sheets.
I use this polyvalence in my scoring for film, which is a very particular process.
I did mostly shorts and documentaries and I'm looking for doing more big projects for TV or cinema. I do orchestral, ambient, pop, intimate, experimental, etc...
Michaël Mambole is based in Paris | e-mail: michaelmambole@free.fr | Phone: +33 6 64 16 45 32
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